Roy Zimmerman Roy founded The Foremen in 1988 and wrote all the band's material until he hung up his purple tie in 1996. Roy earned a degree in Musical Composition from San Jose State University, minoring in Observational Feminist Sociology, and has been writing topical songs ever since Mrs. Hemphill's wig blew off in seventh grade.

Since leaving The Foremen, Roy has produced five solo CDs: COMIC SUTRA, HOMELAND, SECURITY, PEACENICK and the highly acclaimed FAULTY INTELLIGENCE. All of these CDs are available here at The Roy Store and on iTunes.

FAULTY INTELLIGENCE features reworkings of three Foremen classics -- "Saddam Shame," "My Conservative Girlfriend" and "Glory Bound Train" -- plus twelve other Zimmerman originals including his classic "Defenders of Marriage" and soon-to-be-classic "Chickenhawk," "Hello, NSA," "Creation Science 101," and "Abstain With Me."

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Doug Whitney The foreman of The Foremen, Doug wore the purple tie longer than anyone -- from 1991 through the rest of the millennium. In fact, it was Doug's idea for The Foremen to wear the purple ties.

It was the opportunity to make music that inspired Doug to move from Aspen, Colorado to San Francisco where, at Blue Bear Waltzes School of Genuine Music and College of Rock and Roll, he was immediately upgraded from student to teacher and was recruited to play banjo, fiddle and lap steel in the 40-piece electric orchestra and folk chorus. Doug also plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica, trumpet and Eb alto horn.

In the early 1990s, Doug founded a 1920's-style jazz band called Sunday In The Park. Roy played piano with the band on occasion, and was so impressed with Doug's musicianship and encyclopedic knowledge of the American folk idiom that he immediately recruited Doug as the first member of the reconstituted Foremen of 1991.

Doug is an ordained minister and an expert instrument repairman. He is married to artist and poet, Maxine Meltzer, and they have a wonderful daughter.

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Kenny Rhodes Tenor, CFO and 2nd shortest of The Foremen, Kenny comes from a theatrical background. A graduate of UCLA's Theater Department, where he met Andy Corwin every Tuesday night for poker, Kenny is now a producer of promos and short-form TV shows, including the series CASTING SESSION on Fox Movie Channel.

As he will always consider himself a recovering actor, Kenny knows only too well that every day brings new temptations, and The Foremen was just too much to resist. Starting on Clinton's election day in 1992 and ending with the Circling The Drain Tour in 2000 at McCabe's, Kenny succumbed to an 8-year binge of singing, playing drum (singular) and generally gallivanting in the band that Roy built.

Now living in Pasadena with his wife Donna, Kenny remains a proud supporter of Roy, Andy and the rest of the folkies out there, still fighting the good fight, one tortured pun at a time.

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Andy Corwin Andy grew up on Long Island (where he played in several forgettable folk, bluegrass and rock & roll bands.) He moved to California in the late 70's to attend UCLA -- where he met future band mate Kenny Rhodes.

Andy joined The Foremen in early 1993 after "lying through his teeth" about his bass playing. (It also may have had something to do with the fact that nobody else wanted to be "the hairy fat guy" in the band, so Andy got the job by default.)

In 2002 Andy teamed up with Steve Goodie to form a comedy/folk duo called actual size. In addition to their original material, Andy and Steve have enshrined several Foremen songs in their repertoire, including: "Ain't no Liberal," "Everyman For Himself" and "My Conservative Girlfriend."

These days, Andy is also a member of the legendary '60's folk trio The Limeliters (ironically, one of the very bands that The Foremen were parodying) with whom he tours throughout the country. (Speaking of irony: Among the songs that Andy currently performs with The Limeliters are Foremen classics: "Hell Froze Over" and "Song of Many Deaths" -- aka "Until We Get It Right.")

In the spring of 2005, Andy was selected as one of the winners of the "New Folk" song writing competition at The Kerrville Folk Festival for his songs "Cowboy by Day, Ballerina by Night" and "The Agnostic Gospel Song."

Andy is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker with more than one hundred fifty film and television credits. His work has appeared on A&E, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and The Food Network to name but a few.

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Stevie Coyle One of the first Foremen, Stevie has been Roy Zimmerman's musical partner in crime for three decades. Stevie and Roy first met in a 1981 production of WHAT THE BUTLER SAW at San Jose's Collective Theater and have performed together as members of Yup!, Professional Help, The Reagan Brothers, The Attractive Trio and The Foremen.

Stevie is a founding member of the new acoustic phenom The Waybacks. From newgrass and western swing to jug band and gypsy jazz, from folk and fingerpicking to alt-country and improvisational excursions that defy categorization, Waybacks music is wild, energetic and unpredictable. At full tilt, they take on the force of an acoustic rock band. With their stellar musicianship and innate sense of adventure, they stand in good company with the few bands at the forefront of New American acoustic music. The Chicago Tribune says that The Waybacks offer "a near-ideal balance of irreverence, chops, discipline, and originality."

Stevie learned how to play the guitar by listening to old Ventures albums, and taught himself to fingerpick while touring the U.S. with The Royal Lichtenstein Circus. Once he shook some of the sawdust out of his shoes, he took gigs emceeing killer whale shows, playing with various acoustic bands and acting onstage in the San Francisco bay area and onscreen just about everywhere else. You just might see him in national television commercials ... please buy two of whatever he is selling.

Stevie provides the voice of ethnomusicologist Lenny Hudbutter on THE BEST OF THE FOREMEN.

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Denny Croy Denny was the bassist in the first and second Foremen lineups and was the bassist of record on the first Foremen CD, FOLK HEROES on Metaphor Records. Denny also played electric bass on the Warner Bros. FOLK HEROES and WHAT'S LEFT?

Denny got his first taste of playing the blues when, at age 17, he would go over to legendary T-Bone Walker's house and jam with him in his living room. Denny's professional career began in 1979 when he toured and recorded with Capital Record's artist Moon Martin, who is best known for penning the multi-recorded hit "Bad Case of Loving You." Denny would go on to record with such artists as Lou Cristie, Darlene Love, Lesley Gore, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, Victoria Williams, Micky Dolenz, The Williams Bros, Big Daddy, Lawrence Lebo, Brian Setzer, and Keb Mo.

Denny is currently recording and touring with Black and Tan Artist Doug McLeod. Denny has appeared on such popular TV shows as THE TONITE SHOW, MAD TV, and THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. He has played on several movie soundtracks including SPRING BREAK, ONE FINE DAY, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II, and LAST SEDUCTION.

In addition to keeping busy as a bassist, Denny is an educator. He has been the exclusive bass teacher at the McCabe's Guitar Shop School of Music for the past twelve years. Having trained with legendary Motown bassist Carol Kaye, Denny is the only bass teacher in the Los Angeles area that Ms. Kaye recommends.

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Dana Ferris One of the first four, Dana passed away from a sudden illness in 1994. We remember Dana as a dear loyal friend, an excellent cartoonist, a great teller of demented stories (ask us about Bobo, the transvestite organ grinder monkey,) a rock and roll guitar god, and a lovely man.

In the Seventies, Dana was a hardworking guitarist, putting together R&B pickup bands for shows at frat houses and Army bases in the LA area. There, he hired a young Denny Croy, beginning an association that spanned many years and many bands. (A frequent keyboardist for these pickup groups was Benmont Tench, who had just begun working with Tom Petty.)

Later, Denny was playing bass for Capitol recording artist Moon Martin when a spot opened up for a guitarist. Dana filled that spot and the two toured Europe twice with Martin's band, a boon for Dana's already well-developed fashion sense. Together again in a ska group called The Franchise, Dana and Denny recorded the single "Donít Mess With Me" with Steve Edwards for a feature on Fox TVís GOOD DAY LA.

Danaís band Hubba Hubba scored a regional novelty hit with "I Wanna Make Love to a Dolphin," a Dana Ferris composition, presumably autobiographical. A rockabilly group called The Stivs, a top-forty band The Checkers, a pop group The Pickups and blues organizations The Janiva Magnus Band and The Imperial Walkers were among the many who benefited from Danaís versatility and musicianship.

Dana's first love was Rock, but his first instrument was the tenor banjo, and when Roy presented him with the idea of The Foremen, he jumped in with all his heart and soul. The final cut on THE BEST OF THE FOREMEN, "The Water Is Wide," is dedicated to Dana's memory.

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D.C. Anderson One of the second Foremen, D.C. (David Cameron) is a Bistro Award recipient (Singer/Songwriter) with six CD's in his catalogue: 2004's BALLAD, 2002's COLLECTED, 2001's ALL IS CALM, ALL IS BRIGHT, 2000's BLUE SUMMER DAY, 1997's THE BOX UNDER THE BED, and 1993's TIME WAS - all of which can be purchased as CD's or the individual songs at iTunes. A songbook Songs by D.C. Anderson and... was printed in 2002. His collaborators include Albert Hague, Carol Hall, Elizabeth Doyle and Roy Zimmerman. Fall 2006 should see a new CD and Volume 2 of the songbook.

As an actor, D.C. has appeared on Broadway and National Tour as Andre in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and on tour in MARTIN GUERRE as Judge Coras, PIPPIN as Pippin and THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY in a variety of roles.

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Matt Cartsonis Matt replaced Roy in December of 1996 and wore the purple tie through October 1997.

Matt first picked up guitar and mandolin at the age of fourteen, strumming his way into what has become a lifelong exploration of American roots, popular and world music. Now, some years later, his compositions can be heard in a growing number of features, documentaries, TV shows and commercials.

A small sampling of Cartsonis' feature film work includes his score for the Miramax comedy, CHUMP CHANGE directed by Stephen Burrows, winner Audience Award, Best Feature at the HBO/U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, 2001 and Best Comedy, Slamdunk! At Sundance as well as several other film festival prizes. Cartsonis composed the score for director Bob Nixon's feature documentaries THE LAST RIVERMEN and ENDANGERED SPECIES, both winners of National Geographic Earthwatch Awards, and produced music for the 20th Century Fox feature, WHERE THE HEART IS.

In television, Cartsonis was the composer for the highly rated CBS special THE WOMEN OF COUNTRY MUSIC and has contributed score for ABC's hit series JUDGING AMY. A frequent collaborator with Van Dyke Parks, Cartsonis contributed to Parks' score for the Tony Bill-directed HARLAN COUNTY WAR for Showtime Networks. He composed (and wrote) for Hanna-Barbera's animated series, NEW ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST, and VH-1's BEHIND THE MUSIC, The Food Network and HGTV are among his many other credits. Matt can currently be heard singing the closing theme on Bravo's hit series, SiIGNIFICANT OTHERS. And that's not even counting all the stuff he's ghosted and can't tell you about!

Matt Cartsonis has worked locally and internationally with Warren Zevon, Jennifer Warnes, Van Dyke Parks, Glen Campbell, John McEuen, The Austin Lounge Lizards, Bryndle, The Kingston Trio, Bob Haworth, Phil Cody and Peter Himmelman. He's an in-demand producer and session musician, and performs solo as well, as represented by his CD LIVE AT BOULEVARD MUSIC on Major Label Records.

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Lance Guest Lance played guitar and banjo with The Foremen from 1997-2000. Attending upwards of forty Foremen shows earned him county status as a stalker. Playing live shows across the country has cured him of his affliction, although he has been overheard quietly singing "Firing the Surgeon General" in line at the supermarket.

Lance makes his living as an actor, and has been seen recently on HOUSE and NYPD BLUE, as well as X-FILES, WONDER YEARS, and LIFE GOES ON. A veteran of 10 films, lead roles in half of them, he is perhaps best known as ALEX in THE LAST STARFIGHTER.

Check out Lance's listing on the IMDb and this Last Starfighter page.

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